a) Creation of the member area

The creation of a member area is not a prerequisite to any order from a user on this website. To create a member area, members will be asked to provide certain personal information. The member agrees to provide accurate information under penalty of termination of the contract at the initiative of the publisher and the account cancellation.

Some information will be deemed essential to the contract and their collection will be essential to the creation of personal space and validation of the contract. The refusal by a member to provide such information will effectively prevent the creation of the member's area and, incidentally, the validation of the order.

b) Operation

This space allows the customer or member to view all their orders submitted through the website and to monitor the delivery of goods purchased.

If the data contained in the personal space were to disappear as a result of a fortuitous event, a technical failure or force majeure, the responsibility of the publisher of this website will not be undertaken, these information having only an informative character. The publisher agrees, however, to keep securely all contractual elements whose conservation is required by law or regulations.

The publisher reserves the exclusive right to cancel the account of any member who may have breached these terms and conditions (including, but not strictly, when the member has deliberately provided false information during his registration and establishment of personal space) or that the account is inactive for at least one year. Such removal will not be liable to constitute a damage for the excluded member who therefore is not entitled to any compensation.

This exclusion does not exclude the possibility, for the publisher, to initiate prosecution court order against the member, when the facts have been justified.

c) Password

When creating the member's area, the user is prompted for a password. This password is the guarantee of confidentiality of information contained in the "My Account" and the member is prohibited from transferring or communicating it to anyone. Otherwise, the website will not be liable for unauthorized access to the member's account.

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