a) Time frame

Orders are delivered by DHL within ten days after the full payment is received by the publisher.

Certain products or order volumes may justify a higher delivery time, the fact shall be expressly stated to the consumer's attention during the order validation.

b) Delivery error and apparent defect

The client agrees to verify that the product complies with the order upon delivery. Any error in delivery compared to the control or visible defect shall be subject to a claim within three clear days of delivery. After this period, the product will be deemed approved in accordance with the customer, who can no longer claim a delivery error or apparent defect.

c) Damage and partial loss

If at delivery a package is clearly and visibly deteriorated, it is the customer's responsibility to refuse the insurance offered by the carrier. The customer will inform the seller immediately so that a new package is prepared and shipped upon receipt of damaged package in return. In such cases, the delivery times indicated above no longer apply.

Similarly, the client will refuse any package containing incomplete or damaged items. In accordance with Article L 133-3 of the Commercial Code, the receipt of items fails to carry any action against the carrier for damage or partial loss if within three days, excluding holidays, after that of the receipt, the recipient has not notified the carrier, by registered letter. Failing to perform this step, the customer cannot be compensated.

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