a) Overviews / Purpose / Duration

The Internet users have the possibility to give personal data concerning them. Giving personal data is not required to navigate on the website. However, the registration on the website and the placement of order require the collection, by the publisher, of personal data concerning the Internet users.

Collected data is necessary to the proper administration of the services offered on this website as well as to the respect of his contractual obligations by the publisher. This data is kept by the publisher only as the publisher, and the publisher commits himself not to use the data in another frame, not to give the data to third parties without the express consent of the users except when the law requires it.

Contact details of all the users registered on this website will be saved for a maximum period of one year from the deletion of the member area, reasonable time necessary to a proper administration of the website and to a normal use of the data. These details will be kept in secured conditions, according to the current means of the technology, in the respect of the Loi Informatique et Libertés of 6 January 1978.

b) Right to access, modify and oppose

Accordingly to the Loi Informatique et LibertÈs, Internet users have a right to oppose, question, access and modify the details they gave. To use that right, they just have to contact the publisher of this website, by sending an Email to: cnil@melvin-hamilton.comor by the post at the postal address of the publisher mentioned above in these general terms of sale.

Collected personal data is computer processed only to the use of the publisher of this website. Collected personal data are not subject to any transfer abroad.
The responsible of the process is Metzke Nicolas.

Cnil Declaration number: 1607682.

c) IP adress

In addition, the publisher keeps the right to collect the public IP address (Internet Protocol) of any Internet user. This IP address will be associated to the account of the user in the aim of guaranteeing the security of the system. The collection of this IP address will be made in an anonymous way, it will be kept for the same duration as the personal information and will be only intended to allow a good administration of the services proposed on the present website. The IP address corresponds to a series of figures separated from points allowing the unique identification of a computer on the Internet network.

The publisher will have to communicate all the personal data of an Internet user to the Police (on judicial requisition) or to every person (on prescription of the judge). The IP address of any computer can be compared with the effective identity of the subscriber detained by the IAP (internet access provider).

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