Are Melvin & Hamilton resistant and durable shoes?

Melvin & Hamilton develops comfortable shoes, pleasant to wear, pretty to look at, and made so you can walk all day, from your office to your finest evenings.


That is why we carefully select high quality materials, durable and aesthetic: always genuine leather from various countries and sources in accordance with the desired use, extra light wear rubber soles for summer or caoutchouc sole for the winter, etc ...


Some of our models, are made of thick leather. Like Firenze; which is buffalo leather. Other models are made of thinner leather, like Paston (goat leather). All the models are designed and created to give the best quality/price ratio. The choice of raw materials of high quality is an essential regarding our creations. And that is what makes the difference.


Choose a leather shoe sole to roam across the snow-covered country by winter may obviously greatly reduce the lifespan of a shoe. Please refer to the collections to find out which model is adapted to the season! In case of any doubt, our customer service is at your disposal.


To make your Melvin & Hamilton always beautiful and comfortable to wear, do not hesitate to find a craftsman shoemaker who will maintain them to ensure their longevity, and to nourish them regularly by using quality products! 

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