How do I use my gift card to create credit on my account?



Create your own electronic purse on your Melvin & Hamilton account by uploading your gift card, or in case you want to return shoes, which have been paid with a gift card. The refund then will be automatically uploaded on your account. Enter your account by clicking “My Account” and logging in. You have access to your credit in the “Gift card” category in the menu on the left side.


The interface of the “Gift card” category looks like this:


By clicking “ADD / REDEEM A GIFT CARD” you can upload your gift card to your electronic purse.


How do I use my credit?


When you found the styles you want to order in our online shop and added them to your bag, you can make use of your credit in part or use the whole credit at once in the shopping bag section or at the end of the check-out section:


Mark the square “USE GIFT CARD TO CHECK OUT” (The number put in parentheses is equal to the total credit of your account) and write in the amount of your credit, which you want to use for your purchase.

To cancel the application of your credit on your current order, simply unmark the box.


Afterwards, just click “APPLY GIFT CARD” to use your credit.

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