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How to choose the right shoe size?

Two things might help you to choose the righ size:

  • on the product page, near the size on the right of the image product, you’ll find if necessary a mention that tells you if the model sizes big or small
  • you also can refer to our size guide.

Generally, Melvin & Hamilton shoes size a bit big, almost half a size compared to usual standards.
If you have any doubt, please contact our Customer service.

Find more informations to choose the right size here! 

My size is not available anymore, or the product is out of stock. Will it be restocked?

Except exceptional case, no restock of discounted models is planned during the Cyber Days.
However, Melvin & Hamilton reserves the right to add some new models to the list of discounted Cyber Day shoes.

Our special article dedicated to this subject is available here.


I put a product in my cart. When I come back on the shop to purchase, my product is not available anymore!

Adding a product to the cart doesn’t mean that it is reserved. It simply creates a buying list, easy to find again when you come back a bit later. But if somebody else purchases the last pair before you do it, stock is reduced, and consequently nobody can buy this product anymore.

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