How to try my Melvin & Hamilton?

You just received your Melvin & Hamilton? Here are some tips to try them in the best way to preserve them, and possibly be able to request for an exchange or a refund in all tranquility if your shoes were not suitable.


  • Try your shoes inside! Preferably on a carpet or rug, especially if the model has a leather sole. We do not recommend you try them on a surface that can scratch them, such as concrete or siding.
  • Do not remove coverage, such as a metal shell.
  • Open your laces of your shoes if they have. The Oxfords in particular have a shape that cramp more over the instep of the foot than the derbies that have a more open lacing.
  • Use a shoehorn, it will save bends on the back of the shoe.
  • Do not force. Pulling too hard on the strip of a Chelsea boot or the elastic will perhaps not weaken the model immediately, but it mainly means that the shoe is perhaps not very appropriate for your foot shape.
  • Take a few steps to make sure your foot finds its place in the shoe. But avoid wearing them all day right away, especially if you are unsure of your choice.

Leather is a material that will soften and eventually totally fit your foot shape and your walk. We make every effort to ensure that the shoes are nonetheless comfortable immediately.

Nevertheless if you feel a real discomfort it is better not to persist. Contact our Customer Service who will help you.

Caution:  any shoe returned in too poor conditions for sale, either because it worn a long time before being returned, or because it was damaged during the fitting, cannot be exchanged or reimbursed because its value is reduced. The shoe will then be sent back to its buyer, who will receive the information per E-mail.

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