How to be sure my pair of Melvin & Hamilton will perfectly fit?

You can get the wrong size, especially when it is the first time you order a product from a brand you don’t know yet. No worries: at Melvin & Hamilton, you are guaranteed against unpleasant surprises. You have 14 days to revoke your order and return us the shoes for an exchange or a refund. Here are the conditions for returns 

Melvin & Hamilton is a brand with ready-to-wear (pret-a-porter) creations. The manufacture is handcrafted. Every model is different, each shoe unique.


Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service if you have questions about particular characteristics before your purchase. You can contact us via our customer service by email, chat or phone.

In all cases, we lay great importance on the fact that our models are sturdy shoes with a great lifetime, both in terms of materials (high quality leather and rubber) and their manufacturing (the vast majority of our models are sewn). This is why it’s always possible to adjust and extend their existence, thanks to the talents of a good shoemaker, who may for example upgrade the heels or repair worn soles.

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